The Weather in the Shackles

Determining Weather:

(Shackles Random Weather+Weather Modifier)


Avoiding Weather:

(Determined Weather) – (Profession (Sailor)/Survival)



Within 300 miles +4
Within 250 miles +8
Within 200 miles +12
Within 100 miles +36
Within 50 miles +60



d% Weather Features* Verses
1-55 Normal Normal 0
56-65 Precipitation Fog or rain 1-2
66-80 Tropical depression Strong winds and rain 3-4
81-93 Tropical storm Severe winds and rain 5-6
94-97 Severe tropical storm Windstorm 7-8
98-99 Hurricane Hurricane 9
100 Tornado Tornado 9+

Details on weather features can be found on pages 437-440 of the CRB


Precipitation: d% – (01-40) fog, (41-100) rain

Tropical Depression: lasts 2d4 hours; hazards: frequency 1/hr, d20 mod -10

Tropical Storm: lasts 5d4 hours; hazards: frequency 1/hr, d20 mod —

Severe Tropical Storm: Windstorm, lasts 3d6 hours; hazards: frequency 1/10min, d20 mod +10

Hurricane: lasts 4d6 minutes; hazards: frequency 1/min, d20 mod +15

Tornado: lasts 1d6 minutes; hazards: frequency 1/rnd, d20 mod +15


Determining Stormbound Hazards

(d% + Weather d20 mod – Pilots Prof (Sailor)/Survival)

Stormbound Hazards

d% Hazard
20 or lower No Hazard
21-35 Slippery Deck DC 10 Acrobatics check to move for 1d4 rounds or fall prone.
36-40 Dragged Anchor Ship travels 100 feet in a random direction in 1 round and is no longer considered anchored. This hazard only affects anchored ships; otherwise, treat as the Slippery Deck hazard.
41-45 Jammed Rudder All Prof (Sailor) checks take -10 until rudder is unjammed. DC 15 Craft (Carpentry) or warp wood, etc.
46-55 Violent Swell All on deck, DC 15 Ref or fall prone
56-60 Lashing Rigging All in random 20-foot line on deck  make DC 13 Ref or take 2d6 nonlethal.
61-65 Wind against Tide Ship moves at ½ speed for 1 hour.
66-68 Torn Sail Strong winds tear a sail in twain. If sails are reefed or lowered already, treat as Lashing Rigging
69-71 Loose Cargo All in random 20-foot line take 3d6 lethal (DC 15 Ref for half)
72-74 Crew Member Overboard Starting closest to stern, 1d3 creatures adjacent to side must make DC 16 Ref save in turn or fall overboard. No more saves required after first failure.
75-77 Sprung a Leak Minor Leak in random location, gaining the broken condition until it is repaired.
78-80 Spoiled Stores Saltwater ruins 1d4 weeks of dry stores or plunder (50% chance of either)
81-83 Lost Lifeboat Lifeboat or small vessel stowed or in tow falls overboard or breaks free.
84-86 Lightning Strike d% – (01-60) lightning strikes the vessel, (61-100) lightning strikes the character at the highest point on deck. Bolt prioritizes person wearing or carrying the most metal. 4d6 points of electric damage (Ref DC 18 half)
87-88 Broken Mast One mast snaps in the wind. The mast falls overboard, if not cut free from all rigging pierces the hull 2d6 rounds later.
89-90 Broached Vessel is blown over, flat against the sea for 1d4 rounds. DC 22 Ref save each round or fall overboard. Unsecured cargo and equipment automatically falls overboard.
91-92 Submarined Ship plunges down by the bow under a huge wave, CMD +30 bull rush. All failures are swept overboard.
93-94 Pooped Ship is overtaken unexpectedly from the stern by a huge wave, CMD +30 bull rush, all crew are considered flat-footed.
95-99 Two Hazards Roll Twice with the same Prof (Sailor) check, both hazards happen simultaneously.
100 Serious Hull Breach The vessel’s hull is punctured and it immediately begins to sink.


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