Namilos Ila

Young captain of the YHH&B. While historically the moral compass of the ship, has become increasingly more ruthless at the helm.


Hailing from the far off Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Namilos is traveling to discover his destiny. Born in a small fishing village under the shadow of fate, Namilos has always been told that he is destined for greatness. The elder sage of his small tribe took a special interest in Namilos from an early age and helped guide him into the strong-souled man that he is today.

With such a bright future ahead of him, Namilos’ life has been anything but bright since the cataclysm that took his childhood from him along with most of his village. The survivors have taken to calling it “The day the tides grew fangs”. He was dragged out to sea during the maelstrom that followed, and he is haunted by the fact that he should have died like so many others that day. His fate, however, would not be denied by such an inconvenience. He awoke on the shore a few miles, and a few hours later, away from his village. Coughing up sea water he heard voice of a woman in his head that he could not see anywhere around him. “My young champion, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Disoriented, he coughed to the darkness “Thank you, you saved me didn’t you?”

“Indeed, and now I need something from you.” The voice answered, “Something of great importance has been taken from me by the monster responsible for the death of your family. You’re going to get it back for me.”

Thus began his contract with The Pirate Queen of Sea Monsters

Namilos Ila

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